Mother & Child Struck by Vehicle

$1.25 Million

One million dollars was awarded to daughter who sustained a second-degree abrasion burn to her right lower leg as well as contamination of the abrasion from road particles, which required debridement and skin grafts to the affected area. The mother recovered $250,000 for two rib fractures as well as lumbar and cervical soft-tissue injuries.

An Injury settlement totalling $1.25 million

Slip & Fall Accident

$1 Million

A client was involved in a slip & fall accident on someone else's premises, resulting in a leg fracture.

$1 million in damages for client's pain and suffering and medical expenses

Construction Site Accident


A client was involved in an accident while working on a construction site. The client slipped and fell down a stairway, injuring his back and knee. We were able to successfully prove that the fall was the result of a poorly maintained worksite, resulting in a negotiated settlement.

Recovered $592,000 in damages for injured client.

Personal Injury


Client recovered damages after sustaining a hip fracture due to improperly installed window frame.

Recovered $395,000 in damages to cover for personal injury pain and suffering

Pedestrian Accident


My client was using a crosswalk as a pedestrian when she was struck by an oncoming vehicle who had made a left turn without looking, striking my client. My client sustained fractures to her elbow and humerus. We were able to successfully obtain a settlement from the defendant's insurnace company.

Recovered $300,000 in damages for injured client.

Pedestrian Accident


My client was struck by a distracted driver, sustaining serious injuries. We were able to win a substantial settlement from the driver's insurance company.

Recovered $205,000 in damages for injured client.

Premesis Liability


Client's landlord issued repair work that damaged the sidewalk. We were able to successfully negotiate a substantial settlement for our client.

Recovered $315,000 in damages for client.

Libel & Slander Case


Client recovered damages after claiming that a false publication of theft on a MySpace page destroyed his business. The Plaintiff ,a mason and independent contractor, learned that the defendant created a MySpace webpage that included negative remarks about him and his business. He also claimed that the Defendant had verbally spread similarly negative remarks in the community in which he lived and worked. He contended that the comments harmed his reputation and business and alleged that the Defendant's actions constituted libel and slander. The Judicial Hearing Officer Miriam Sunshine determined that the Plaintiff was entitled to recover of his lost earnings of $237,000.

Recovered $237,000 in damages for libel and slander.

Products Liability


Products liability settlement obtained for woman who sustained an eye injury as a consequence of exploding glass bottle containing highly carbonated seltzer. Martin Wolf, Esq. proved that it was dangerous and hazardous to fill the subject glass bottle with highly over-pressurized carbonated liquid. 

$495,000 products liability settlement obtained. Companies are now producing safer glass bottles that prevent fragments from being propelled at high velocity upon breakage. Others are switching to plastic bottling for highly carbonated beverages.

Workplace Accident


Client recovered damages after being struck by industrial equipment at work and sustaining multiple leg fractures.

Recovered $700,000 in damages to cover for suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and lost wages and medical expenses