Wolf & Associates is a personal injury litigation law firm with attorneys handling cases involving dangerous and defective drugs. A defective drug product is one that causes a physical, psychological and/or mental injury or illness as the result of a defect in the medication or its labeling. Our attorneys have successfully handled and obtained multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of our clients injured by drugs with dangerous side-effects, including a $2.15 million and $1.15 million recoveries for two women who suffered systemic illness following the ingestion of an over-the-counter drug, with millions more recovered for 23 other injured plaintiffs.

The pharmaceutical business, a $600 billion-plus industry, is the most profitable of all businesses in the United States. Innocent consumers rely on the representations of the large pharmaceutical companies that market their products with promises to cure our illnesses and medical conditions. Their advertisements give us hope and make us believe that by simply ingesting their pill or otherwise using their medication, we do not have to suffer from the medical problems that may affect our lives.

Consumers of pharmaceuticals, both prescription pharmaceutical drugs, and everyday over-the-counter medications, are dependent on the powerful pharmaceutical companies to adequately and appropriately test their products before placing them in the market for consumption. Unfortunately, in the interest of profit, the pharmaceutical companies rush drugs to the market without adequate and appropriate testing to identify possible dangerous side effects. The target of testing is all too often limited to meeting FDA approval in order that the drug companies can start selling their product to the public as soon as possible The pharmaceutical companies are hesitant to delay the marketing of their drugs even if it would be in the interest of public safety to take the time to determine the side effects of their product and assure that the risks of the drug do not outweigh any benefit that it may have. However, it may take years to discover that a medication could be dangerous or defective – time that the pharmaceutical companies are not willing to wait for in order to profit from their research and investment. As a consequence, a drug that is dangerous or defective is only discovered after people have already suffered debilitating injuries or wrongful death due to their use of the pharmaceutical product.

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